Top down

Top down,

Definition of Top down:

  1. Communications: Approach in which employees are given extensive information (including confidential data) on the prospects of their actions and then provided with feedback on their performance.

  2. Thinking: Conceptually based (cognitive) processing of sensory data that enables a person to understand his or her world through ordering and interpretation of sense impressions.

  3. Investing: Approach in which the economic trends are examined first to select the firms or industries that are expected to benefit from those trends.

  4. Decision making: Approach in which the desired results or objectives of a decided upon first and then methods to achieve them are selected.

  5. Management: Approach in which the board decides what results are to be achieved and how, and passes the plan down the hierarchy or management levels.

  6. Proceeding from the general to the particular.

  7. Denoting a system of government or management in which actions and policies are initiated at the highest level; hierarchical.

How to use Top down in a sentence?

  1. A top-down approach to research.
  2. The top down approach has been an effective communication methodology that has worked for the company we are benchmarking today.
  3. A top-down managerial philosophy and practice.
  4. The policy banning future dress-down days (casual days), was not made by the human resources department, but came from the top down .
  5. Employees need to realize and understand that we are reworking our policies Top Down for a more positively enriched customer experience.

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