Top-Down Investing

Top-Down Investing,

How Do You Define Top-Down Investing?

  1. The definition of Top-Down Investing is: Top-down investment is an investment analysis approach that first looks at the economic picture of the economy and then looks at the smaller factors one by one. This approach prefers economic, national or market factors.

    • Top-down investment is an approach that focuses primarily on economic factors, such as the performance of the economy or in a large industrial sector, to determine investment options.
    • Bottom investment can be compared to bottom investment, instead focusing on the performance and fundamentals of each company.
    • Top-down investments can help investors save the time and attention they need to invest, but they can also potentially waste individual investments.

  2. Top-Down Investing can be defined as, An investment strategy that focuses on key market trends and the economy as a whole, rather than individual companies or sectors.

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