Top-Down Analysis

Top-Down Analysis,

Top-Down Analysis: What is the Meaning of Top-Down Analysis?

  1. The definition of Top-Down Analysis is: First of all, the analysis below looks at the big picture of the investment idea or stock option. Once a stock is ideally positioned to take advantage of global trends, analysts will be drawn to the actual distribution and balance of that subset to decide on the final investment.

    • Top-down analysis starts with broad analysis objective, not stock.
    • Top-down analysis typically includes aggregate analysis, macro trend analysis, industry analysis, and then individual inventory analysis.
    • Top-down analysis is also used in technical analysis to analyze long-term trends before short-term chart declines.

  2. An investment perspective in which a manager studies a country's economy before considering investing in a sector. Then you decide which sectors will perform well and you will stop buying shares in attractive companies in these sectors.

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