Top Brass

Top Brass,

What is Top Brass?

  1. The most important people in a company or organization.

Literal Meanings of Top Brass


Meanings of Top:
  1. The highest or highest point of anything.

  2. Cover, lid or plug.

  3. Highest or most important ranking, level or position.

  4. Clothes that cover the upper body and are worn with skirts, pants or shorts.

  5. The end of something far away from the speaker or reference point.

  6. Short for topspin

  7. A long bundle of wool was made for spinning.

  8. Men who actively engage in anal sex with other men.

  9. The first half of the shift.

  10. Specialization in position, rank or diploma.

  11. Refers to an unstable yogurt flavor (variety) with an electric charge of +2/3. The upper quarks have the same features as the upper and lower squares, but they differ greatly in size.

  12. Must be greater than (number, level or number).

  13. Prepare or decorate the top.

  14. Reach the top (from the hill or other top)

  15. The will (ball or shot) hits the center of the ball.

  16. at most.

Sentences of Top
  1. Eileen is at the top of the stairs.

  2. When you come down from the top, the pen will dry

  3. Your skills will take you to the top

  4. Wear a hooded shirt

  5. The bus stops at the end of the road

  6. For some players who can handle fast swing speeds, put their hands on the ball and hit it, they can't hit it harder.

  7. It all started with a ribbon-shaped wool blouse.

  8. Upper eighth

  9. Buttons on his shirt

  10. This year, the loss is expected to reach $ 100 million.

  11. Top baked potatoes with baked cheese

Synonyms of Top

summit, peak, pinnacle, crest, crown, brow, brink, ridge, head, highest part, highest point, mountaintop, tip, apex, vertex, acme, apogee, lid, cap, cover, stopper, cork, bung, plug, high point


Meanings of Brass:
  1. Copper and yellow zinc alloy.

Sentences of Brass
  1. Brass plate on the door

Synonyms of Brass

rudeness, insolence, impoliteness, unmannerliness, bad manners, lack of civility, discourtesy, discourteousness, disrespectfulness, incivility