Top 5 Trends of Custom Printed Boxes NYC in 2021

As the year comes to end soon, we are anticipating the brand-new product packaging style patterns that 2021 has for us. At first glance, they look quite various from each other. On the other hand, there is a cohesive theme right here, and that is a pivot moving away from product packaging style that immediately checks out as “industrial” and toward packaging that seems like an art. Thus, here are the top 5 trends of custom printed boxes NYC in 2021.

E-commerce business

This year, we saw just exactly how essential e-commerce business is to our everyday lives. Well, this is not altering anytime soon. With an e-commerce business, we are shifting the experience of going through a shop and experiencing a curated brand feel, something also the most immersive site would not be able to compensate for.

Hence, those product packaging developers and the business owners are upping the stake to supply an item of branding right to your door. The goal is not to replace the in-store experience, but to satisfy customers where they are now and where they would be in the future. It is everything about producing a new, a lot more immersive brand name experience through the special product packaging patterns of 2021.

Small Highlighted Patterns That Disclose the Products Inside

Patterns and also images can be so much greater than just decoration. They can disclose what an item is everything about. In 2021, expect to see a lot of detailed patterns and some small pictures on custom made boxes. More than that, we could also anticipate the boxes to be doing one details task: providing you a hint about the product within. These images would be frequently simplified or abstract, giving you even more of an artistic rendering of what is inside the package than an actual check of the item itself.

Authentically Classic Unboxing Experience

Vintage-inspired custom printed box has been a pattern for some time now, so what’s the difference about it next year? The fact that the entire unboxing experience looks so authentic, you would think you traveled through time.

In 2021, you would not go to visit a number of generically vintage-inspired product packaging. Instead, you are going to visit the type of packaging that has an authentically traditional look which is taking points further by creating a totally immersive experience. You would stumble when seeing the packaging layouts that look almost identical from something your great-grandmother would certainly have used, transporting you to a different time.

That means going beyond logo designs and labels, as well as incorporating the whole brand name experience, using vintage-inspired appearances, the forms of the boxes, products, outer packaging, and also imagery options. It will be no longer sufficient to offer a bundle with a couple of enjoyable retro details. Currently, the bundle itself seems like it was tweezed from a shelf that was iced up in time.

Hyper-Simplistic Geometry

Another trend we would be seeing a lot of in 2021 is designs that use exceptionally simplistic, yet vibrant geometric ideas. We would see a strong geometry with cool lines, sharp angles, and expressive colors. Much like the pattern trend, this one gives customers a preview of what a product stands for.

However, unlike patterns and pictures which portray what is inside the box, these designs are abstract to the extreme. It might appear easy in the beginning, but it will be an exceptionally impactful method for brands to make a declaration and leave a long-lasting impression.

Packaging Dressed In Fine Art

In 2021, expect to see great deals of designs for custom boxes with logo where the product packaging itself is an art piece. This trend is mainly gaining momentum with high-end products, but you might see it on mid-range products too.

Designers are drawing ideas from paints and repaint textures, either happily incorporating them into their designs, or making them the centerpiece. The goal here is to obscure the line in between packaging layout and art, showing that anything, even a bottle of red wine that will at some point end up in the recycling, is gorgeous and unique.

Item’s Name Will Be Place at Front and Center

Rather than making an illustration or logo design the product packaging’s focal point, some developers are instead selecting to make the item’s name the star of their layouts. These are layouts that get extremely imaginative with lettering to enable the product’s name to take the spotlight. Each name on these custom box printing seems like an artwork by itself, giving the entire design a unique individuality.


With these custom printed boxes, there’s no question about what the product is called or what sort of product it is, making this to be the perfect packaging trend for product-focused services that aim to boost brand name recognition. These designs depend on strong typography that can lug the brand name’s entire aesthetic. Any added style elements are just there to make the brand name shines.