Top 10 Tips for Preparing Your Move in Dubai

Moving is not easy. You don’t necessarily know how to go about it, where to start and you quickly find yourself overwhelmed in the middle of your boxes. During this moving period, Nextories offers you a summary of the 10 most important tasks to perform in order to optimize the preparation for your move.

Happy Moving

When you want to move to Dubai, the first tip is to do it in advance. We can’t repeat it enough, but booking a mover is a bit like booking a vacation: the earlier you book, the less expensive it!

1. Contact Moving Companies to Request Multiple Quotes

Start your search for movers in Dubai two to three months before the date you set for your move. This period allows moving companies to plan their agenda in advance, to set up an organized or group trip if necessary, and thus, you can obtain cheaper rates.

To save time, consider Nextories which simplifies your task by negotiating several moving quotes for you, free of charge.

2. Get Moving Boxes and Start Packing

Once you have signed up with a moving company, they can provide you with the boxes and packaging you need. The number of moving boxes required will generally have been estimated in advance by the moving expert who will have made your estimate.

As soon as you get the boxes, start filling them with items you don’t use much, so you don’t find yourself overloaded shortly before the move.

3. Changes your Address and Transfer Your Contracts

One month before the deadline, change your address to the administrations that have your current address (CAF, CPAM, bank, etc.). If you think you have forgotten certain organizations, you can also ask to forward your mail.

Also remember to transfer or terminate your various contracts (electricity, gas, water, internet, home insurance, etc.) so as not to continue paying for accommodation in which you no longer reside, and to be able to benefit from it from the day you move in.

4. Check the Parking Permit

10 to 15 days before the move, make sure that the parking authorization for the moving truck is taken into account by the competent authorities. This authorization must be requested at the latest 15 days before the move. If you move with a professional, they will usually take care of it.

5. Finalize Your Boxes

In the 8 days preceding your move, it’s time to finish your boxes. Pack up everything you won’t need on D-Day. You should leave, for example, your household utensils, which you will use to clean the accommodation after the removal of the safe movers in Dubai.

If you have items left on the wall (paintings, shelves, curtain rods, etc.), remove them from the wall - this action is not supported by the movers in Dubai - and put in cardboard what can be.

  1. Prepare the Furniture

The day before your move, prepare all the furniture that will be removed by the mover and packers:

  • Empty washing machine and dishwasher
  • Defrost the freezer
  • Unplug electrical appliances
  1. Clear the Accesses

The day before the move, rather than when the movers arrive, remember to clear all access. Don’t leave anything at the doors or in the hallways, even if you think it will make their job easier. It is preferable to group together as many boxes as possible in one room without obstructing passage.

  1. Clean the Housing

After the removal of the movers, remember to clean your home in order to prepare the inventory. Note that this is a service that can be offered by movers as well, who often have contracts with movers and packers.

9. Read the Counters

You can then read all the meters and shut off the water, electricity, and gas. This step is important and saves you from paying for extra energy and water that you don’t use.

10. Check Fragile and Movable Boxes

In your new home, open the boxes as they are delivered to check that nothing has been damaged or broken. Do the same for furniture and household appliances. This will allow you to report any damage on the consignment note before the movers leave.

One Last tip, which will significantly facilitate your move: entrust the organization for your move.

We wish you a good move!