Top 10 curly celebrity hairstyles to inspire you this Valentine’s day

Celebrity Inspired curly hair weave for valentine’s day

As the most desired hair texture, curly hair is the go-to style that best complements the red carpet ramp. Every woman takes inspiration from celebrities for styling hair, and there are no celebrities who haven’t tried the curly and coily twirls. Curly hair weave comes with the right amount of hair volume and beachy waves - for these reasons, everyone dreams of curly hair. Here are the top ten muses with curly hair to take inspirations from for V-day:

Top 10. Kerry Washington

It is something else to be born with curly hair

Like Kerry Washington, it is something else to be born with naturally curly hair. She is one of the hottest Hollywood actors with natural curls, and it is picture-perfect when she flaunts it on the big screen. A soft curly hair weave is what Kerry Washington would approve of, without applying too much product.

Top 9. Lorde

Lorde’s unfussy curls

Lorde’s voluminous mane of curls is simply awesome, and she likes to toss it around while stealing the show at every music event. She embraces her tight curls by coiling them as much as possible. You can achieve Lorde’s unfussy curls by blow-drying your hair with a diffuser, teasing from the hair roots, and giving a final touch with a little bit of hair texturizer. Voila! There is your ideal Lorde hairstyle for valentine’s day.

Top 8. Taylor swift

Curly haired queen of country-pop

Who hasn’t dreamed of effortless wavy curls like Taylor Swift? The beachy waves are her signature hairstyle, and on top of that, she is a naturally curly-haired queen of country-pop. Even though she has gone for straight hair now, she often sports her wavy hair and embraces it in every billboard and vogue magazine.

Top 7. Joan Smalls

A supermodel style for Valentine’s day

Joan Smalls is a supermodel and an actress who keeps her curly hair natural. Every day is special with style, like Joan Smalls’s perfect beach hair. Her style is just as perfect for a wine and dines night at your favorite restaurant with your significant other on this year’s valentine’s day.

Top 6. Rita Ora

Rita Ora’s desirable signature curly hair

Rita Ora never fails to rock her big blonde curls flawlessly. She is famous for putting on a terrific performance every time she comes with a new song. You can create effortless waves while sticking to Rita Ora’s signature curly hair. You can achieve this desirable hair by back tossing the hair on the crown and gently giving it a sweep with a wide-toothed comb. This layered hair look inspired by Rita Ora is impressive for Valentine’s day.

Top 5. Alicia Keys

Alicia key flaunting her lovely wet curls

Thanks to her curly hair, Alicia keys can style her hair in various ways, such as braided locks, curly hair weave, and she often appears with stick-straight hair. With the help of heat styling tools, you can pull off most of these Alicia’s hairstyles. With hair like hers, you don’t have to look any further for a lovely layered hair that perfectly blends with a red dress for Valentine’s day.

Top 4. Blake Lively

Vintage curly hairstyle by Blake lively

Blake Lively’s hair is a replication of curly hair from the classic ’80s. This gorgeous actress has hair that is equally beautiful as her. This hairstyle does not require much work, and you can take these layered curls up a notch by adding more twirls. Valentine’s day is approaching, and stealing Blake’s curled mane will leave your date amazed.

Top 3. Vanessa Hudgens

Gabriella Montez, love is in the hair

The town will soon be painted in the shades of love, and getting this hairstyle inspired by the high school musical’s Vanessa Gabriella Montez will help you look like a total bombshell. Air drying is the secret to achieving Vanessa’s stunning curls. To make it on your own, part your hair from the middle and tease it from the roots to add definite shapes to the loose curls.

Top 2. Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis, the next Whitney

Can it get more desirable than Leona Lewis’s long flawless curly hair? She is an actress, model, and the best of all, an animal welfare campaigner. Curly hair weave inspired by Leona lewis includes beachy waves, corkscrews curls, and her favorite, the two-inch curls. They say Leona Lewis is the next Whitney, and we can’t agree more.

Top 1. Shakira

Shag twirls inspired by Shakira

With perfectly tousled curls, Shakira tops the list in curly hair ideas inspired by celebs for V-day. Who hasn’t envied the way she moves, her unique voice, accompanied by a perfectly done curly hair weave? She is a naturally curly-haired girl who flaunts her glorious locks in music videos and concerts. With God-given talent, she has enviably thick and layered hair that is to die for. You should try this Shakira-inspired hairstyle for Valentine’s day, and you will undoubtedly leave heads turned towards you.

These are the top 10 curly hair ideas inspired by celebs for Valentine’s day hairstyle. With a little effort, you can easily nail these signature curly hair ideas every celebrity will agree with. Whether you have a date planned at a fancy restaurant or a day out with your gal pals, it is vital to glam up and put on a hearty smile on Valentine’s day.