What does the term Tosha mean? ۔

Touch is a French verb to touch.

Playing (not my accent on my laptop) literally means playing.

You touched me

The term we use in English comes from fencing. When you hit someone with your e, tap.

So if someone has a good argument, we say correct it.

Toussaint, as you wrote, is the magnetic spelling of the French word touch. When used in the right context, the person who speaks the word acknowledges that the other person has an effective response to what he or she is talking about. For example, if I said that Reagan defeated Gerald Ford in his first presidential campaign in 1980 and he corrected me that it was Jimmy Carter, I would answer.

This is French. It's 3 o'clock in the morning. Here and I'm in pain I don't remember

Correct pronunciation That means strong (no, I won't try to explain it!)

I said I bought a cat.

You said, me too

I say Toshe (although spelled French).

There are many problems to solve English. Forget about French things!