Tony Hawk Skateboard Walmart

Tony Hawk Skateboard Walmart

Is Tony Hawk's skateboard good at Wal-Mart? ۔

Has anyone used this before?

I heard mixed reviews ...


I can change tapes and even padding, but are the boards really that good?

It's good for waiters to get into the habit of skateboarding. But other than that, no plates. Half of me broke when he tried to turn. I just recommend them to do things like textbooks. Don't turn around

Tony Hawk skateboards at Walmart.

If you like hard tape, dummy pads, and plastic wheels that don't go anywhere, they can be great. Personally, I will not buy 1, I will save some money and get a good board which will last for more than 5 days.

Also, skating at Wal-Mart, KMart or any other store is not the best. Heavy, they are cheaper than the original.

It's too cheap. The wheels don't last long. But Tony Hawk's tech deck is good at it.

Tony Hawk Skateboard Walmart