Definition of Toll:

  1. A charge payable for permission to use a particular bridge or road.

  2. Charge a toll for the use of (a bridge or road).

  3. Charge for a liberty or privilege (such as utilizing a bridge or tunnel) or services rendered (such as communications or transportation).

  4. The number of deaths, casualties, or injuries arising from particular circumstances, such as a natural disaster, conflict, or accident.

Synonyms of Toll

Charge, Fee, Payment, Levy, Tariff, Dues, Tax, Duty, Impost, Admission, Admission fee, Allure, Anchorage, Assessment, Bait, Bell, Bong, Brokerage, Carfare, Cellarage, Cess, Change ringing, Charge, Charges, Chime, Chiming, Chink, Clang, Clanging, Clangor, Clank, Clanking, Clink, Conscience money, Contribution, Cost, Cover charge, Damages, Decoy, Demand, Ding, Ding-a-ling, Dingdong, Dinging, Dingle, Direct tax, Dockage, Dong, Donging, Dues, Duty, Entice, Entrance fee, Entrap, Exaction, Exactment, Excise, Fare, Fee, Gong, Graduated taxation, Hire, Imposition, Impost, Indirect tax, Inveigle, Jangle, Jingle, Jingle-jangle, Jinglejangle, Jingling, Joint return, Knell, Knelling, Lead on, Levy, License fee, Loss, Peal, Peal ringing, Pealing, Penalty, Pilotage, Portage, Price, Progressive tax, Ring, Ring changes, Ringing, Salvage, Scot, Scot and lot, Seduce, Separate returns, Shot, Single tax, Sound, Sound a knell, Sounding, Storage, Strike, Striking, Supertax, Surtax, Tariff, Tax, Tax base, Tax dodging, Tax evasion, Tax exemption, Tax return, Tax structure, Tax withholding, Tax-exempt status, Taxable income, Taxation, Tempt, Ting, Ting-a-ling, Tingle, Tingling, Tink, Tinkle, Tinkling, Tinnitus, Tintinnabulate, Tithe, Tolling, Towage, Tribute, Wharfage, Withholding tax, Number, Count, Tally, Total, Running total, Sum total, Grand total, Sum, Score, Reckoning, Enumeration, Register, Record, Inventory, List, Listing, Account, Roll, Roster, Index, Directory

How to use Toll in a sentence?

  1. The toll of dead and injured mounted.
  2. Turnpike tolls.
  3. The transport minister opposes tolling existing roads.

Meaning of Toll & Toll Definition