Definition of Tolerance:

  1. Engineering: The ability of an element or system to withstand high loads or overloads without incurring irreparable damage. See also safety factor.

  2. The number of deviations in a given amount, mainly in the dimensions of machines or parts.

  3. Ability to recognize an object, especially a drug, transplant, antigen, or environmental condition, without any adverse reactions.

  4. General: Official deviations from specifications or standards that are not considered harmful to the performance of any part, process or product in its lifetime.

  5. Environment: Residual quantities of pesticides are allowed in raw agricultural products and processed foods. Tolerance values ​​for all registered pesticides registered for use in animal feed or food crops have been set by regulatory authorities such as the EPA.

  6. Ability or willingness to tolerate something, especially the existence of an opinion or behavior with which one does not necessarily agree.

Synonyms of Tolerance

Open space, Mercifulness, Embodiment, Maneuvering space, Liberalism, Play, Room, Space, Comprisal, Chronic alcoholism, Patience, Envisagement, Resistance, Liberality, Laxness, Connivance, Craving, Mercy, Carte blanche, Laxity, Physical dependence, Immunity, Acceptance, Open-mindedness, Condonation, Generousness, Clearance, Imperviousness, Long rope, Looseness, Margin, Addiction, Patience of Job, Approximation, Play, Liberalism, Coverage, Acquired tolerance, Imprecision, Inclusiveness, Liberation, Toleration, Insensitivity, Inexactitude, Drug dependence, Humanity, Amphetamine withdrawal symptoms, Lack of bias, Addictedness, Field, Strength, Grit, Clementness, Fluctuation, Libertinism, Exhaustiveness, Opposition, Moderateness, Admission, Wide berth, Habituation, Swing, Elbowroom, Negligence, Fortitude, Admissibility, Cocainism, Drug addiction, Disregard, Humaneness, Long-suffering, Forbearance, Lenity, Overlooking, Free thought, Membership, Guts, Crash, Sea room, Leeway, Way, Endurance, Lack of prejudice, Gentleness, Probable error, Forbearing, Allowance, Dependence, Incorporation, Eligibility, Deviation, Dipsomania, Patientness, Waiting it out, Inaccurateness, Liberalness, Acceptance of, Deviation, Blank check, Permissiveness, Tenderness, Free course, Nicotine addiction, Sweet reasonableness, Self-control, Inexactness, Psychological dependence, Chain smoking, Free play, Toleration, Free scope, Lenientness, Standard deviation, Clearance, Forgiveness, Clemency, Embracement, Freethinking, Barbiturate addiction, Sufferance, Indulgence, Mildness, Endurance of, Libertarianism, Range, Winking, Alcoholism, Allowance, Leeway, Free hand, Easiness, Unrigorousness, Acute alcoholism, Full swing, Softness, Leniency, Liberality, Full scope, Forgivingness, Predictable error, Uncorrectness, Ample scope, Unpreciseness, Comprehension, Steadiness, Charitableness, Forbearance, Unrevengefulness, No holds barred, Stoicism, Inclusion, Kindness, Scope, Broad-mindedness, Withdrawal symptoms, Waiting game, A habit, Benevolence, Unfactualness, Rope, Variation, Easygoingness, Perseverance, Charity, Completeness, Broad-mindedness, Sufferance, Pity, Reception, Latitudinarianism, Latitude, Forbearingness, Withdrawal sickness, Drug culture, Participation, Whole, Assimilation, Long-sufferance, Compassion, Inaccuracy, Unbigotedness, Longanimity, Encompassment, Barbiturism, Incorrectness, Variation, Openness, Stamina, Vigor, Comprehensiveness, Magnanimity, Open-mindedness, Lenience, Steadfastness

How to use Tolerance in a sentence?

  1. One of the most important principles a child can learn is tolerance, because it helps to understand, be kind and take care of people who are different from them.
  2. People who are not very tolerant of pain may think that the sting of a normal bee is more painful than those who are very tolerant of pain and find the dissolution extremely painful.
  3. Desert camels suffer the most from dehydration.
  4. Tolerance of corruption.
  5. Don't worry about drugs where people use drugs that give them a competitive advantage. That is why the commissioner has a zero tolerance policy. Those who fail the drug test will be suspended.
  6. 250 car parts are made with a thousand inch tolerance.

Meaning of Tolerance & Tolerance Definition