Tokyo Price Index (TOPIX)

Tokyo Price Index (TOPIX),

Definition of Tokyo Price Index (TOPIX):

  1. You can define Tokyo Price Index (TOPIX) as, The Tokyo Price Index, commonly known as Topics, is a measure of stock prices on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). Topics is a large capital-weighted index that lists all companies in the first section of the TSE, the section that organizes all major publicly traded companies into one group. The second part of the TSE brings together all the other small businesses.

    • The Tokyo Price Index, also known as TOPIX, is a Japanese stock index that is calculated and published by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).
    • In the first part of the stock exchange, Topix traces domestic companies, representing Japan's largest companies through market capitalization.
    • Another Japanese stock index is the Nikkei, a weighted index of the 225 largest companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
    • Although investors cannot buy the index directly, there are several exchange traded funds (ETFs), such as Topix Core 30 ETFs, which allow investors to invest in a basket of stocks that Looks at the performance of topics.

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