To No Avail

To No Avail

But aren't you using the term in a sentence?

You can use more or less at will: but it doesn't work or it's free

Example: I tried to explain the answer in such a way that it would be understood, but without success, we do not speak the same language.

Definition of availability

They're gone

I tried to stop him from asking questions in the answers, but to no avail.

An example:

He tried to get the car stuck in the mud, but to no avail. This is very difficult.

It means trying in vain.

I tried my best to stop labor, but now I have stopped.

But what is the part of sch here?

To No Avail

To No Avail

I tried my best to lift weights but to no avail.


After all my efforts, I was unable to lift weights.

I tried to understand his point of view, but without success.

He tried to talk to me to see me again, but to no avail.

He tried to open the pickle jar, but to no avail. He's just not that strong.

I want to answer with a good answer, but I can't think of anything for free.

To No Avail