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Tlg Idprot

What is TLG and why are you charging with my credit card? 3

What is TLG and why do they charge my credit card and why do people say it is an internet company? And can anyone tell me what TLG is?

When shopping online, you should look at every word on every page or you risk signing up for a service you don't want. it is what it is. I saw it on another poster and did some research. The cartel bought cigars and the price of TLG was increased.

Refuse the charge with your bank.

This is more than my research (this is a piece and paste from the site, I'm not yelling at anyone):

How do I deal with TLG?

1) Find the number on your bank statement ... The original print on my bank statement is: 6/12 MCTLG * GREATFN27142407MAY 8002908603 CT $ 12.99. As you can see, this is followed by pne 1800 2908603.

2) Contact your bank and report fraud rates.

3) Call TLG @ 800 290 8603 and cancel your account.

4) Company report to customers

When registering on any free online site or any other free online site, always read at the bottom of the page that asks you to check / clear the box.

This is where TLG comes into play. Any sign indicates that you are willing to accept these services.

And you won't get anything. So don't subscribe to online gift or gold subscriptions by reading the lowercase letters below.

If you do not allow these charges, please contact your credit card company immediately.

The game of life, they charge for life like any other credit card. If you do, you can see interest rates!

I just called the number and I don't understand the name of the company. I provide some information about Auto Channel. He says a customer service representative will be with you and the next thing I know he's offline. Dizziness !!


Tlg Idprot