Tips To Put 8 In Two Wheeler

Tips To Put 8 In Two Wheeler

Can you give some tips about 8-wheel sim for 2 wheels? 3

I failed twice, please help me.

Look wherever you want, look at your cylinder, ride on continuous throttle without a clutch, control your SD with the tail button. Find the second cylinder at the crossing point.

You should always keep your legs straight. So, slowly practice wrapping your legs up.

So you just need to practice your twist with your legs in the air. It could be a G curve, so don't worry. Then practice drawing a circle on the left. Then do the same with the straight circle.

As your practice gets better, you will be able to cast 8g easily!

Remember, if your foot gets stuck or hits the ground, it will look like you are cheating and you will be disqualified. Use your legs only when you stop.

If the rider is not in good condition, he will not be able to withstand the pressure and will not be able to do well there. During racing interviews, drivers experience shortness of breath and fatigue, and most importantly, run and / or lift weights every day or every day. So don't give me a NASCAR non-sports driver !!

Well, I passed my test on the first try.

All you have to do is drive as slowly as possible. Maybe in first gear. This gives you better control over your car and allows you to bend in the minimum radius.

Don't worry. There is trust. And try to practice well, then this will be your last attempt.

My best ... :)

Tips To Put 8 In Two Wheeler