Tips to get rid of blind pimples under the skin

Are you eager to know what blind pimple is? Yes! The acne develops under the skin surface formed due to the combination of bacteria, sebum, and dirt. The blind pimples are not noticeable, but can be felt as a lump or cyst when touched. Though it’s hard to get it cured completely, following a proper skincare regimen helps to treat the pimples leaving without any scar.

But if you are a fan of deep-fried foods or have a habit of getting sweat than the normal, especially during your workouts, then making a little change in the lifestyle routine can help you balance the oil, cleanse the pores, and prevents you from getting unnecessary breakouts. Here, in this article, let’s read and understand about the blind pimples and a few tips you can follow if you fall under the radar of blind pimples in the future. So, keep reading the post to know more about it!

Does the blind pimple disappear faster?

It takes months to get it cleared from the skin. Establishing a proper treatment strategy can make the pimples heal faster. So, find out the right treatment process based on your skin type to resolve the pimple faster.

Tips to get rid of blind pimples:

Here is a list of a few tips that you may follow to treat blind pimples:

  • The thumb rule for any type of pimples or acne occurs on the face is not to squeeze or pop the pimple when it is active. Though it’s under the skin, it’s difficult to pop, but avoid squeezing as it can increase the inflammation.

  • Applying a warm compress is a great way to treat blind pimples. Giving a warm compress of more than four times at least four to five times a day can push the pus out and helps to heal it naturally. Do this treatment as suggested by the doctor. Make sure the water is not too hot to avoid unnecessary burning of the skin.

  • Searching for a wonderful acne-pimple fighter? Then use acne sticker and cover the pimple area with it. The sticker attracts the dirt, sebum, and bacteria from the pimples because of the presence of salicylic acid agent present in the bandage.

  • Though there are many over-the-counter medicines are available in the market, the application of tree tea oil superficially on the acne and pimple prone skin does wonders. You can find the creams or ointments made up of tea tree oil available in the market. Make sure to pick the product, which at least has 5% tea tree oil content in it. You can also use pure tea tree oil, but make sure to mix it with any carrier oil like coconut oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil before any application. All you need to do is dap the oil on the affected area and leave it over-night. For all your medical and skincare needs, order medicines and OTC products from the most trusted online pharmacy store in India at best the price.

  • Application of raw honey has been yet another remedy to fight blind pimples. Honey is loaded with anti-microbial proprieties and the regular usage on the affected skin helps to get rid of the bacteria. Raw honey is one of the best products to be used instead of the OTC product.

  • Topical antibiotics can help to shrink the blind pimples and recurring pimples. The two commonly prescribed antibiotics include erythromycin and clindamycin. Using antibiotics alone is not effective against pimples hence it should be always used along with benzoyl peroxide as it helps to dry out the pimple easily. If you have sensitive skin, then speak to the doctor before you apply any topical creams on the skin as it can bring skin irritation.

When to see the dermatologist?

Treating blind pimples is a challenging task. But if home remedies are not helping to heal completely, then seek dermatologist advice to fix the issue. Also, if you have recurring pimples, then topical creams along with the oral medications may be required to ease the issue. Buy prescription medicines online from any trusted online drug store and get them delivered directly at your doorstep.