Tips on Packing Clothes and Other Essentials While Moving

Packing clothes while moving places or home is not an exciting task many people enjoy. It is easy to leave out this essential household item to the last minute and then realizing the blunder you have made. Everybody looks for cutting corners when packing household items when moving if it makes the entire process any easier.

Every day and regular use items like clothes take a lot of time and effort to organize and pack however with some organizational skills and the right techniques you can pack them effectively and efficiently. We have compiled a few effective packing methods which will help streamline the wardrobe packing and moving process.

In fact, a couple of these methods can be used at the last minute without damaging the packing and storing process. Keep reading to know more about this guide and plan accordingly to make your work less tiresome and arduous.

Declutter, Wash and Organize the Clothes

Before you start packing your clothes and other wardrobe items, make sure that they are clean, fresh, and free of stains. Wash all of your belongings in advance and let them dry fully before folding or packing them. Resist from the temptation to pack soiled or damaged items without having them fixed or repaired. When you start cleaning and organizing the items, you should be able to determine which clothes and personal items need to be packed and which do not.

In order to get started with this first step you can consider the following tips

  • Organize clothes and other essentials by season and every family member.
  • Create piles of similar items and pack it in a storage box according to the size of the pile
  • Discard as much unused clothing as possible to avoid over packing
  • Separate the seasonal clothing which you might not need during the move.

Pack the Season Clothing items before hand

Once all your clothing is decluttered & organized, start packing the seasonal clothing items well in advance. This is the type of clothing you will be using just for a couple of months during a year. Ensure to label these boxes, so you know the contents and do not need to be unpacked right away once you move into your new place. If in case you are going to store them for longer than a couple of months, make sure to protect them from moisture and unwanted pests.

Pack a Separate Box of Clothing for the moving week

You can grab a suitcase, duffel bag or wardrobe garment boxes to pack clothes for the moving week. Depending on how far you are moving, the entire process can take some time and also after moving, unpacking could take days, weeks or even months to complete. Hence it is always a good idea to give yourself a cushion by packing clothing you can wear during the initial days of moving in. Make sure to pack all the everyday essentials like socks, towels, and pajamas.

Pick the Perfect Packaging Supplies for packing and moving clothes

The kind of packaging materials and supplies you would need completely depends on how far you are moving and how much time will it take. If you’re moving across the country, it’s very important to keep the clothing sealed and protected during the shipping and transportation process.

If you are moving to a nearby place, then normal zip tying hangers together and piling them on the back seat of a car would work just fine. We list the following packing hacks which you can adopt for easy packaging and moving.

  • Use wardrobe boxes to Pack your Clothes
  • Clothes are heavy, so make sure to use small packing boxes
  • Leave clothes in Dressing Drawers - Professional movers are experienced in moving heavy furniture and hence will automatically take care of the contents as well.
  • Vacuum Seal Seasonal Clothes
  • Create Clothing Piles for easy identification
  • Pack the delicates and footwear separately