Tip Meanings:

Information transmitted from one person to another as the basis for buying or selling insurance.

Meanings of Tip

  1. Tie or hang heads or heads.

  2. On the front page of a book with a thin ribbon with an inner border, usually glue an example, a page, (when bound).

  3. A pointed or round end, or the end of something thin or pointed.

  4. Imbalance or imbalance causes it to fall or fall.

  5. Tap or tap.

  6. Sanitary landfills in landfills.

  7. The thrown ball is easily eliminated by the racket.

  8. Give (someone) some money in return for their services.

  9. Predict your chances of winning or losing something.

  10. Someone is paid a fee for their services.

Sentences of Tip

  1. Snow-capped mountain peak

  2. George squeezed his fingers

  3. Straw burns when a candle burns

  4. Download

  5. I gave him five dollars

  6. Christine is often contacted about work.

  7. Never miss a tip

  8. Nutritionists offer practical and useful advice on health and wellness related foods, weight loss and more exercise in our already busy lives.

Synonyms of Tip

little extra, fall over, end, surmount, apex , nib, slag heap, peak , back, sharp end, tiptop , suggestion, vertex , point , think of, dump, flip, hint, extremity , baksheesh, overbalance, give a tip to, top, end , summit , finish, stub , overturn, pat, tine

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