Tip Cable Installer

Tip Cable Installer

Would you like to tip the guy over Comcast? 3

When you buy a new service and they take care of the decoder and other things for you ... the installation costs are already high. Do you want me to tip too? How many

I don't know Comcast, but an installer that works for a satellite company I use earns about $ 20 / ur. So I won't tip them.

Tip Cable Installer


Tip Cable Installer

My friend works for another cable TV company, RCN. As some other women have said, this is optional. If the installer is polite, timely, and helpful, the suggestions are certainly welcome, but not expected. I say they remember the customer, and if you have a problem, chances are the person who did the initial setup will come and fix the problem. And you're more flexible and you don't get paid the first time you tip. Overall, give them a cold drink, it's as much as it sounds!

RCN installation cost

Quick service tip is a nice touch. This is what is meant by advice. To ensure fast service. I gave the Comcast boy 5 bs to change my dial box. He got up just as he had said. Didn't make the day.

You don't have much, but I'm going to tell you about some good people you've been dealing with for days.

Someone tell them they enjoy the work and give them advice for a week!

My husband has been a Comcast installer for 6 years. It really changes your mood and highlights your day when someone is trying to thank you.

No, it's optional, like in a fast food restaurant or cafeteria. But my friend works for Comcast and usually suggests 20, but other than that, she usually takes lemonade or sandwiches from them.

And like this Aidaja, their gagnent pas mal d'argent, donc ils n'nt pas vrament besoin de pourboires, c'est juste a bonus / extra, et sils sont bom et rapides, as mon petit ami, laugh out loud.

No, I always offer drinks to people who work with me, but that's about it.

Not necessary, but please offer her a cup of coffee or lemonade, give her 5 bs if you are polite.


Tip Cable Installer