Tinta Para Pintar Geladeira

Tinta Para Pintar Geladeira

Specific ink for refrigerator painting article?

You can use automotive paint or synthetic enamel, you will need to run sandpaper 280a to remove or enamel the old paint and after the paint will be used plastic to repair the tinted and old paint chips which will be painted. After are finished and painted. Professional, Manager, I recommend that you hire a professional. Or some kind of Denverx equivalent service no longer seems (it doesn't seem easy anymore).

Automatic PU Ink (UP = Polyurethane)

You need to use a compressor for the final result to be good.

I suggest that you burn your experience with this type of painting to repeat this service or try to paint everything for the refrigerator that is creases and creases.

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Oh, automotive paint


Tinta Para Pintar Geladeira