Tiner Tira Tinta

Tiner Tira Tinta

Is Tiner or Qusene Eira used to cast or paint? 3

NO ... Qusene is used for cleaning (mainly grease) and as a solvent to clean thin and new ink materials.

To remove old paint you can use: Pint Off or My Rubber Paste Paint Remover (must offer two synthetic enamels and sell oil paint).

I would recommend Pea, a flour remover, but it's as cheap and effective as Pint Off.

To use صرف only:

1) Mix the cans and count well.

2) Apply the paste all over the surface with the help of a brush, which will turn into the removed paint.

3) Wait a minute, apply some paint on the skin and scrape it off like a spatula.

Note: Divide the total area into very large parts, divide or process into smaller parts, increase or decrease the points, and increase efficiency.

Damage to the forehead, or normal procedure: Remove and paint on the groin, face or necessary treatment.

Be careful, peas or utos can chemically damage the skin. Use with caution.

Well, dare, you have to. Or you can use Pentaf Paint Remover, which will make it work less. For example, be careful when using. B. Peas or thin and corrosive.

Depending on the ink

Made for latex or bandage, now use enamel or synthetic cast; thinner or paste remover.

Wanda's yellow cleaner; ■■■■, go pantoff; weak.

You will need to sand the threshing floor after removing some paint to qualify.

Tiner Tira Tinta

Tiner Tira Tinta


Qusene did not remove the ink from Eira and Sim Thinner. Be more careful as it is used to remove stains or even a thinner will remove paint or varnish from the groom.

It's a soft intention, to throw all the ink, specific ink into any store.

many years.

You will need an ink remover, a term that includes all types of materials, inks and solvents.

Homes use specific construction or materials, threshing floor to remove paint, or paints, which are commonly used as solvents, but it is very difficult to get rid of the same paint, then to remove the paint. Try I've already played for the box and I don't remember the name, but try to make a home for them!

The status is good

Remember where you worked in the factory? will be done

The use of car parts to clean the bagels was thin.

agr qusene achu that naum anyway ....

You have to wash, wash, wash. A specific tool for removing stains, or the result will depend on the surface or black, old or new, the same or the cause of the stain.

Tiner Tira Tinta