Definition of Timeline:

  1. Project Management - One of several horizontal lines in job exchange (each created at a specific time) to coordinate the completion of two or more jobs from the start of one or more jobs. The first schedule is the starting line and the last is the finish line.

  2. Graphical representation of time travel as a line.

  3. General: A line drawn on the appropriate line (day, month, year, century, millennium) in which historical, planned or expected events and periods are marked in the order in which they occur.

How to use Timeline in a sentence?

  1. The girls set a schedule to see when and where they could leave their valuables after one night.
  2. When it comes to writing about the past, Val Lewis says it's important to plan well.
  3. When the police took a closer look at the time of the incident, they found that the accused had been innocent of these crimes since his employment.
  4. The man wondered what would be the exact time between registering on the website and receiving the first payment.

Meaning of Timeline & Timeline Definition