Time sharing

Time sharing,

Definition of Time sharing:

  1. The operation of a computer system by several users for different operations at the same time.

  2. Computing: Use of a computers resources in a manner that several users access the system in a sequence but seem to be working simultaneously. Timesharing is common in larger (mini, mainframe, or clustered) systems since 1960s and accommodates hundreds or even thousands of users.

  3. General: Serial use of a facility, item, location, or property for two or more purposes or by two or more users.

  4. Real estate: Type of joint property ownership (see joint tenancy) often with equal (but not concurrent) right of possession exercisable at specified time intervals such as different days, weeks, or months. Time sharing is common for resort or vacation properties where every joint owner pays a periodic fee to the owners association or a property management firm for upkeep of the property.

  5. The use of a property as a vacation home at specified times by several joint owners.

How to use Time sharing in a sentence?

  1. Anyone considering fractional ownership should visit the web sites devoted to time-sharing.
  2. Its a modern version of computer time-sharing.

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How Do You Define TIME SHARING?

You can define TIME SHARING as, Computer system operators can allocate their processing capacity to other companies based on the time spent. Developer (see) Telecommunications Allows access to the main computer via a remote terminal via telephone lines. This practice is known as time sharing and allows small businesses to take advantage of IT services and pay only for the services they need.

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Meanings of TIME:
  1. The constant and unlimited development of all existence and past, present and future events.

  2. Time is measured in hours and minutes after midnight or noon.

  3. Time allotted, available or used.

  4. Became an example or event of an event.

  5. Expresses the number (after the number).

  6. A rhythmic pattern of musical work expressed by a measure.

  7. Plan, plan or arrange when (something) should or should be done.

  8. Measure the time it takes to perform this action (action or activity, or who did it).

Sentences of TIME
  1. Travel in time and space

  2. It's 9:30.

  3. We need more time

  4. This is my first time in debt

  5. Three times five out of fifteen

  6. Waltz time melodies

  7. The first race on the track is scheduled for 11:15 p.m.

  8. We were timed and verified based on our speed

Synonyms of TIME

fix, measure, point, set, line up, flow, programme, arrange, meter, instance, set up, organize, book, pulse, count, hour, tempo, juncture, plan, time, fix a time for, slot in, moment


Meanings of SHARING:
  1. A portion or portion of a large sum of money that has been distributed or donated by several people.

  2. One of the equivalent shares, in which the company's share capital is distributed, gives the owner a share in the profits.

  3. For example, when published or republished on a certain website or social networking application.

  4. Take one part (of something) with another or with another.

Sentences of SHARING
  1. Based on this proposal, investors will pay a higher proportion of the required annual fee.

  2. Are selling their shares on BT

  3. By 7:30 p.m., he had received 25,000 likes on Twitter and 117 likes on Facebook.

  4. She shares the cake with him

Synonyms of SHARING

lot, go halves in, go halves with, allocation, bit, measure, divide, allowance, portion, part, allotment, due, quota, division, split, ration