Time Served

Time Served,

What is The Meaning of Time Served?

  • Time Served means: Spend the actual day in jail before committing any charge or crime.

Literal Meanings of Time Served


Meanings of Time:
  1. Permanent and unlimited progress of past, present and future existence and events as a whole.

  2. Time is measured in hours and minutes after midnight or noon.

  3. Time allotted, available or used.

  4. Became an example or event of an event.

  5. Expresses the number (after the number).

  6. The rhythmic style of a musical work is expressed by a move.

  7. Plan, plan or arrange when (something) should or should happen.

  8. Measure the time it takes to perform this action (action or activity, or who did it).

Sentences of Time
  1. Travel in time and space

  2. It is half past nine.

  3. We need more time

  4. This is my first time in debt

  5. Three times fifteen

  6. Will be transferred during Waltz

  7. The first race on the track is scheduled for 11:15 p.m.

  8. We get time and certificates based on our speed

Synonyms of Time

pulse, count, prearrange, book, timetable, fix, programme, schedule, organize, plan, beat, instance, set up, set, hour, point, juncture, meter, time, arrange, slot in, rhythm, fix up, line up, tempo, moment, measure, fix a time for, flow, bill


Meanings of Served:
  1. Working for (another person or organization)

  2. Offer food (drink) to someone.

  3. Official service for the desired person (documents such as subplan or letters).

  4. Useful for completion or satisfaction.

  5. Hit the ball or shuttlecock to start playing at any point in the game (in tennis and other racquets).

  6. Tie it with a thin rope (rope) to protect or strengthen it.

  7. To run (weapon)

  8. Shoot the ball or shuttlecock to start the game (in tennis and other racquets).

  9. Reference

Sentences of Served
  1. Malcolm served the church with great devotion

  2. They serve wine, not beer

  3. He said his lawyers would issue court orders against the multinational company within a week.

  4. This book will serve a useful purpose

  5. Throw the ball to serve

  6. It didn't take long for Lodge to become the only person in his department who knew how to handle weapons

Synonyms of Served

plate up, fit the bill, be all right, set out, admonishment, reproof, stricture, rebuke, perform duties for, lecture, have a job with, distribute, reproach, fill the bill, ladle out, recrimination, philippic, remonstrance, dish up, harangue, criticism, dish out, be good enough, spoon out, attack