Time management

Time management,

Definition of Time management:

  1. Ability to use time efficiently or effectively, especially at work.

  2. Systematic ordering and prioritization of time distribution and distribution between simultaneous applications. Since time cannot be saved and its availability cannot be increased or decreased within 24 hours, a time budget period is considered the most appropriate.

How to use Time management in a sentence?

  1. In high school, it is important to know about time management so that you can do all your work and still have time for hobbies and friends.
  2. In order to succeed in many of my endeavors, I began to learn more and more about my time management skills.
  3. Time management is the key to effective work.
  4. As an efficient employee, a good time relies heavily on time management skills to ensure that all important tasks are given proper attention.

Meaning of Time management & Time management Definition