Time immemorial

Time immemorial,

Definition of Time immemorial:

  1. Period so far back in time that no living person has any recollection of it and no record can be found to prove the existence of a particular custom, claim, or right. By a UK statute of the year 1275, the year 1189 (first year of the reign of King Richard I) and the period before it was declared time immemorial. Also called time out of mind.

  2. Used to refer to a point of time in the past that was so long ago that people have no knowledge or memory of it.

Synonyms of Time immemorial

Ancient history, Ancient times, Ancientness, And night, Antiquity, Day after day, Distance of time, Distant past, Enduringly, For an age, For life, For long, Hour after hour, Interminably, Long, Long ago, Long since, Month after month, Morning, Noon, Persistently, Protractedly, Remote age, Since time began, The livelong day, Till doomsday, Undyingly, Unendingly, Year after year

How to use Time immemorial in a sentence?

  1. Markets had been held there from time immemorial.

Meaning of Time immemorial & Time immemorial Definition