How Do You Define TIME ELEMENT?

The definition of TIME ELEMENT is: The term is used to describe insurance that pays the insured for an event that results in loss of use of the property. Don't confuse it with property insurance, which measures the actual loss of property. The amount of damage done to the stress factor is measured as a waste of time, hence the name. Examples of business interventions, additional costs, tuition fees, rent and rent, additional housing costs and interest on rent are time forms.

Literal Meanings of TIME ELEMENT


Meanings of TIME:
  1. Permanent and unlimited progress of past, present and future existence and events as a whole.

  2. Time is measured in hours and minutes after midnight or noon.

  3. Time allotted, available or used.

  4. Became an example or event of an event.

  5. Expresses the number (after the number).

  6. A rhythmic pattern of musical work expressed by a measure.

  7. Plan, plan or arrange when (something) should or should be done.

  8. Measure the time it takes to do this task (action or activity, or the person who did it).

Sentences of TIME
  1. Travel in time and space

  2. It is half past nine.

  3. We need more time

  4. This is my first time in debt

  5. Three times fifteen

  6. Waltz time melodies

  7. The first race on the track is scheduled for 11:15 p.m.

  8. We get time and certificates based on our speed

Synonyms of TIME

programme, line up, fix up, meter, flow, prearrange, count, rhythm, organize, juncture, timetable, arrange, set, bill, fix a time for, hour, put a stopwatch on, beat, set up, fix


Meanings of ELEMENT:
  1. A summary of a component or aspect of something, especially a necessary or characteristic.

  2. One of more than a hundred substances that cannot be altered or chemically decomposed and is a basic component of matter. Each element is separated by its atomic number, which is the number of protons in its atomic nucleus. In ancient and medieval philosophy, each of the four substances (earth, water, air, and fire) is considered a fundamental part of the world. Natural or special environment for humans or animals.

  3. The climate is mainly composed of strong winds, heavy rains and other types of bad weather.

  4. The part of a kettle, heater or stove that has a wire through which electricity passes to generate electric heat.

Sentences of ELEMENT
  1. Death has all the elements of a great tabloid story

  2. He called the atoms of the second group of atoms the atoms of the same element with different atomic weights.

  3. There is no barrier between elements

  4. A strong electric water heater has an electric heating element immersed in a basin.

Synonyms of ELEMENT

bit, section, segment, atmospheric forces, atmospheric conditions, meteorological conditions, piece, component, constituent, the climate, part, portion, the weather