Tightening Cycle

Tightening Cycle,

What is The Meaning of Tightening Cycle?

  • The definition of Tightening Cycle is: All credit cycles go through stages where it is relatively easy to get funds. The down cycle is a period in which low interest rates, low credit terms and available credit increase. After this period, the supply of credit contracted. While interest rates rise, interest rates rise and loan terms are binding. The contraction phase continues until the risk to credit institutions is reduced, from which time the cycle resumes.

Literal Meanings of Tightening Cycle


Meanings of Tightening:
  1. To do or squeeze or squeeze.

Sentences of Tightening
  1. Clip squeezed

Synonyms of Tightening

make more secure, secure, screw up, make fast, give an extra turn to


Meanings of Cycle:
  1. A series of events that repeat itself in the same order on a regular basis.

  2. One set or complete series.

  3. Motorcycle or tricycle

  4. After a series of recurring events of interest or regularity.

Sentences of Cycle
  1. The Rise and Fall of the Economic Cycle

  2. Painting is part of the cycle seam

  3. Bikes can be rented to be more active

  4. He rides his motorbike to work every day

  5. The economy is constantly moving between expansion and recession

Synonyms of Cycle

travel, progress, move, pedal cycle, go, round, rotation, succession, run, sequence, make one's way, proceed, bicycle, two-wheeler, revolution, series