Tiger Stripe Pitbull

Tiger Stripe Pitbull

What are lions and puppies?

This is a pit bull with a normal / orange heart and this is it. People usually call all pit bulls pit bulls, even if they are real lions.

These are all variations of colors, and a true lion striped pit bull almost thinks of Bengal as a Bengal lion, but usually reverses the colors.

They are good boxes, but they have the same qualities and problems that someone else has.

Tiger E means TB, which is a color description. The term Tiger E or Brandel can refer to the colors of Boxer, Ground, Boston Terrier, French Bull Dog, Great Dan, etc.

Brindle / Tiger E = light or dark brown, or even gray, with deep stripes (or spots) throughout the coat. Almost any shade of brown or brown (light black) can have barely noticeable smooth lines or very clear stripes. Striped brother, gray, or as long as they can be lighter or lighter brown than brows.

There is also a color called reverse brindle, which means that there are light lines in the dark color.


Tiger Stripe Pitbull