Tiffany Pollard Birth Chart

Tiffany Pollard Birth Chart

Does anyone know the Tiffany Pollards (I love New York) Rising sign? 3

The sun sign is Caorn, but I really wanted to find the rising sign. Thank you very much.


Predictable, but I want to point to a reasonable upside. I can't find it anywhere, but if anyone finds it I'll use it.

If we didn't know your fourth hour, we probably wouldn't know, but in terms of your appearance and physical features, I would say you have an influential Lee or Kobe.

I think it would definitely be an ascending wind sign that points more towards Lee as they say Lee's climb is emotionally unstable. And it should be in T.

I say Lee or Liu. Her clothes and big hair reminded me of Leo, but her emotional outburst attracted me to Lee.

Tiffany Pollard Birth Chart