Definition of Tier:

  1. A strip of land six miles wide, extending east and west and numbered north and south according to its distance from the base line in the rectangular (government) survey system of legal description. Also referred to as a township strip.

Synonyms of Tier

Indian file, Array, Articulation, Band, Bank, Bed, Bedding, Belt, Buzz, Category, Catena, Catenation, Chain, Chain reaction, Chaining, Concatenation, Connection, Consecution, Continuum, Couche, Course, Cycle, Deck, Descent, Drone, Echelon, Endless belt, Endless round, File, Filiation, Floor, Gallery, Gamut, Gradation, Grade, Group, Grouping, Hum, Layer, League, Ledge, Level, Line, Lineage, Measures, Monotone, Nexus, Order, Overlayer, Overstory, Pendulum, Periodicity, Pigeonhole, Plenum, Powder train, Progression, Queue, Range, Rank, Recurrence, Reticulation, Rotation, Round, Routine, Row, Run, Scale, Seam, Sequence, Series, Shelf, Single file, Spectrum, Stage, Step, Story, Stratum, String, Substratum, Succession, Superstratum, Swath, Thickness, Thread, Topsoil, Train, Underlayer, Understory, Understratum, Windrow, Zone

Meaning of Tier & Tier Definition

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