Tier 1 capital

Tier 1 capital,

Definition of Tier 1 capital:

  1. First part of the two-tier risk based capital standard commonly used by regulatory agencies (such as a central bank) to assess a financial institutions capital adequacy. Tier 1 capital includes common stock and retained earnings and is the basis on which a bank, building society, credit union supports its deposit and lending operations. Also called core capital or primary capital.

How to use Tier 1 capital in a sentence?

  1. The tier 1 capital was really interesting to me and I had to know more, so I asked my friend about it.
  2. When you are dealing with a tier 1 capital you have to decide if you really think it is the right way to proceed.
  3. Although the bank had taken some significant losses in the recent economic slump, its TIER 1 CAPITAL resources, as disclosed to their new partnering institution, were untouched, making the merger an entirely profitable one.

Meaning of Tier 1 capital & Tier 1 capital Definition

Tier 1 Capital,

Tier 1 Capital:

  1. A simple definition of Tier 1 Capital is: Basic capital is used to describe the abundant amount of capital of a bank and refers to the underlying capital, which consists of declared capital and reserves. Shareholders' equity includes instruments that, at the option of the holder, are not exchanged.

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