Tied Adviser

Tied Adviser,

What is The Definition of Tied Adviser?

The seller who sells the policies of a particular insurer (with whom he has a contract). Some sellers create multiple links for more than one company.

Literal Meanings of Tied Adviser


Meanings of Tied:
  1. Tied or tied with a rope or similar rope.

  2. (Game or competition) in which two or more participants or teams score the same number of points.

  3. (A house) is the possession of a tenant who works for the landlord.

Sentences of Tied
  1. Well assembled package

  2. First game in the league

  3. The farm laborers stay attached to the house


Meanings of Adviser:
  1. A person who gives advice in a specific area.

Sentences of Adviser
  1. Military adviser to the president

Synonyms of Adviser

right hand man, guide, consultee, mentor, confidant, confidante, right hand woman, counsellor, consultant, helper, aide