Definition of Ticker:

  1. A telegraphic or electronic machine that prints out data on a strip of paper, especially stock market information or news reports.

  2. A term used to refer to a narrow strip of paper or an electronic display where streaming quotes are reported. Before the advent of computers, prices were stamped on ticker tape. Today tickers are displayed on televisions, computer monitors, or any other electronic display device.

  3. A watch.

Synonyms of Ticker

American Stock Exchange, Amex, Big Ben, TelAutography, Teletype, Teletype network, Teletyping, Wall Street, Abdomen, Anus, Appendix, Blind gut, Board, Bourse, Bowels, Brain, Cecum, Chronometer, Clock, Clock movement, Clockworks, Closed-circuit telegraphy, Code, Colon, Commodity exchange, Corn pit, Curb, Curb exchange, Curb market, Duodenum, Duplex telegraphy, Electricity, Endocardium, Entrails, Exchange, Exchange floor, Facsimile telegraph, Foregut, Giblets, Gizzard, Guts, Heart, Hindgut, Horologe, Horologium, Innards, Inner mechanism, Insides, Internals, Interrupter, Intestine, Inwards, Jejunum, Key, Kidney, Kishkes, Large intestine, Liver, Liver and lights, Lung, Midgut, Multiplex telegraphy, News ticker, Outside market, Over-the-counter market, Perineum, Pit, Pump, Pylorus, Quadruplex telegraphy, Quotation board, Railroad telegraphy, Receiver, Rectum, Sender, Simplex telegraphy, Single-current telegraphy, Small intestine, Sounder, Spleen, Stock exchange, Stock market, Stock ticker, Stomach, Submarine telegraphy, Telegraphics, Telegraphy, Telephone market, Teleprinter, Teletypewriter, Teletypewriting, Telex, The Big Board, The Exchange, Third market, Ticker tape, Timekeeper, Timepiece, Timer, Transmitter, Tripes, Turnip, Typotelegraph, Typotelegraphy, Vermiform appendix, Viscera, Vitals, Watch, Watchworks, Wheat pit, Wire service, Works

How to use Ticker in a sentence?

  1. The network quickly switched to an all-service format showing phone numbers and Red Cross information over the ticker instead of prices.

Meaning of Ticker & Ticker Definition