Ticker tape

Ticker tape,

Definition of Ticker tape:

  1. Moving strip of stock symbols and their respective current trading prices and volumes, shown usually at the bottom of a computer or television screen. Originally a ticker tape was a paper strip on which a teletype machine (called ticker because of its ticking sound) punched out stock information.

  2. Ticker tape first appeared as part of 19th-century ticker devices that printed stock symbols and numeric data to convey information about trades and prices via information transmitted over telegraph wire. The ticker tape is electronic today but retains its name from the mechanical ticking sound the original analog machines made and from the long, narrow pieces of paper that stock quotes were printed on.

  3. Ticker tape refers to the ribbon of paper or electronic representation of price quotes that appear in a linear fashion, providing market information to investors.

Synonyms of Ticker tape

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How to use Ticker tape in a sentence?

  1. Ticker tape refers to the paper ribbon upon which stock quotes and trades were mechanically reported and disseminated during the 19th and early 20th century.
  2. Today, the ticker tape has become digital, using electronic representations that scroll linearly, reminiscent of the early analog tape.
  3. The ticker tape contains information about a stock trade including the stock symbol, price and change, and volume.

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