Thrusting line

Thrusting line,

Definition of Thrusting line:

  1. Stock traders are constantly on the watch for patterns that can be interpreted as an indication of the direction a stock they are watching will take next. The thrusting line is one such pattern.

  2. The thrusting line is actually an aspect of a two-candlestick pattern. The candlestick pattern, a rectangle with wick-like protrusions at both ends, shows the movement of a stock in a single session, from its lowest price to its highest price. A two-candlestick pattern shows two cycles.

  3. A visual depiction of a trend where a black candle is followed by a white candle that is not able to close above the mid-point of the black candles body. This trend is interpreted to be a bullish market reversal when two patters appear within a down trend. However, additional signals should be gathered before the trend could be confirmed.

How to use Thrusting line in a sentence?

  1. The thrusting line identifies only a short-term pattern and is not useful in picking stocks for the long term.
  2. A thrusting line is a two-candle candlestick pattern indicates whether buying pressure on a stock is weakening, strengthening, or staying neutral.
  3. Traders watch the pattern to identify the right time to buy a stock with the expectation that its price will continue to rise.

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