Definition of Threshold:

  1. Minimum or maximum value (established for an attribute, characteristic, or parameter) which serves as a benchmark for comparison or guidance and any breach of which may call for a complete review of the situation or the redesign of a system.

  2. Boundary beyond which a radically different state of affairs exists.

  3. A strip of wood, metal, or stone forming the bottom of a doorway and crossed in entering a house or room.

  4. The magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction, phenomenon, result, or condition to occur or be manifested.

Synonyms of Threshold

Doorstep, Sill, Doorsill, Doorway, Entrance, Entry, Way in, Door, Gate, Gateway, Portal, Approach, French door, Archway, Back door, Barway, Beginning, Border line, Bound, Boundary, Boundary condition, Boundary line, Bourn, Break boundary, Breakoff point, Brink, Bulkhead, Carriage entrance, Ceiling, Cellar door, Cellarway, Circumscription, Commencement, Compass, Confine, Cutoff, Cutoff point, Dawn, Deadline, Delimitation, Determinant, Division line, Door, Doorjamb, Doorpost, Doorsill, Doorstep, Doorstone, Doorway, Edge, End, Entrance, Entrance hall, Entranceway, Entry, Entryway, Extremity, Finish, Floor, Foyer, Front door, Frontier, Galilee, Gate, Gatepost, Gateway, Groundsel, Hatch, Hatchway, Hedge, High-water mark, Interface, Limen, Limit, Limitation, Limiting factor, Line, Line of demarcation, Lintel, Lobby, Low-water mark, Lower limit, March, Mark, Mete, Mudsill, Narthex, Outset, Point, Porch, Portal, Porte cochere, Portico, Postern, Propylaeum, Pylon, Scuttle, Side door, Sill, Start, Starting line, Starting point, Stile, Stoa, Storm door, Target date, Term, Terminal date, Terminus, Time allotment, Tollgate, Trap, Trap door, Turnpike, Turnstile, Upper limit, Verge, Vestibule, Window sill

How to use Threshold in a sentence?

  1. Nothing happens until the signal passes the threshold.
  2. The company was forced to sell many of their most valuable assets when the decline in their product sales reached a critical threshold .
  3. As the circus performed reached his threshold for pain, he quickly jumped from the bed of nails giving the audience the impression that he had no pain at all.
  4. Stephen tried again and again to calm himself down, but his anger intensified until it reached a threshold and he exploded with rage.
  5. He stood on the threshold of Sheilas bedroom.

Meaning of Threshold & Threshold Definition