Definition of Thread:

  1. A long thin thread made of cotton, nylon or other fibers used for sewing or weaving.

  2. Transfer the thread by eye (needle) or needle and guide (sewing machine).

  3. Cut the thread of the patch inwards or upwards (holes, screws, screws, etc.).

  4. Internet - A series of questions and answers (or comments) on a specific topic posted by members of a particular interest group or website visitors. This setting allows readers to follow individual messages or go to specific messages.

  5. In the outer part of the screws, bolts, etc. in the hyacinth edge or in the cylinder hole so that both parts can be damaged.

  6. Computer science: In a multi-tasking or multi-thread environment, a series of codes that act as additional link structures in a program Threads allow different parts of a program to run independently of each other and in a fixed order and (in a multi-processor system) on separate processors (CPUs). A running program can move multiple threads at the same time: one can solve mathematical equations, another can draw graphs, and a third can mark numbers. The operating system decides which threads or processes are visible to the user and which are hidden.

  7. A theme or feature, usually one of several, developed in a situation or text.

  8. Clothes

  9. With curly cotton thread of appliqu بال hair (eyebrows or other parts of the body).

Synonyms of Thread

Lineage, Continuum, Strain, Ease, Consecution, Alpaca, Acetate rayon, Manila, Cobweb, Bank, Windrow, Dacron, Garments, Hemp, Chain, Connect, Linen, House of cards, Suit, Kapok, Rayon, Reed, Articulation, Terylene, Gamut, Capillament, Clothes, Livery, Celanese, Thrust, Train of thought, Cambric tea, Milk and water, Suture, Burden, Endless round, Lastex, Motif, Avisco, Rig, Subject, Train of thought, Ensemble, Cilium, Dishwater, Velon, Sense, Gist, Motif, Raffia, Scale, Horsehair, Strand, Direction, Concatenation, Rope of sand, Water, Threadlet, Catenation, Drift, Swath, Coir, Cycle, Cirrus, Skein, Queue, Plot, Tenor, Artificial fiber, Fiber, Run on, Spun rayon, Routine, Periodicity, Inch, Aralac, Filiation, Series, String, Buzz, Tenor, Thesis, Range, Orlon, Line, Run, Course, Jute, Bast, Chaining, Row, Gruel, Subject, Fibrilla, File, Link, Sisal, Pendulum, Robes, Array, Connection, Outfit, Sand castle, Reticulation, Continue, Spectrum, Zephyr, Angora, Finery, Powder train, Twine, Chain reaction, Gossamer, Plenum, Subject matter, Filamentule, Drift, Spandex, Mohair, Round, Attire, String together, Filament, Catena, Wind, Hum, Direction, Tier, Llama hair, Garb, Rotation, Sequence, Rank, Progression, Yarn, Cotton, Wool, Flax, Dynel, Action, Animal fiber, Tendril, Hair, Turnout, Recurrence, Worsted, Theme, Cord, Endless belt, Maintain continuity, Single file, Pass, Form a series, Silk, Train, Catenate, Monotone, Descent, Denier, Succession, Gradation, Drone, Flagellum, Connect up, Join, Concatenate, Regalia, Continuate, Dress, Matchwood, Array, Theme, Cashmere, Hank, Web, Nylon, Clothing, Vicara, Chemstrand, Nexus, Near-silk, Tussah, Floss, Oakum, Uniform, Be continuous, Indian file, Merino, Costume

How to use Thread in a sentence?

  1. Sometimes it's important to follow a copy of the chat stream immediately to see what's happening right away.
  2. This can be done by placing the thread on the pipe shaft correctly or, most often, by moving the lever.
  3. I can't even hold a needle.
  4. The laser cut hole of the patch must be fixed.
  5. One thread is very important because other threads will stop working if that thread does not work properly.
  6. There is a general lack of stock auditing during scams.
  7. There are loose threads on his shirt.
  8. I went to the forums and decided that I wanted to make a new topic about how much I wanted to comment and share my views.

Meaning of Thread & Thread Definition