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Third World,

Definition of Third World:

  1. "Third World" is an outdated and offensive phrase that has been used historically to describe a class of economically developing nations. It is part of a four-part segmentation that was used to describe the world’s economies by economic status. Third World falls behind First World and Second World but was ahead of Fourth World, though Fourth World countries were hardly recognized at all. Today the preferred terminology is a developing nation, an underdeveloped country, or a low- and middle-income country (LMIC).

  2. There can be a few ways to divide up the world for purposes of economic segmentation. Classifying countries as First, Second, Third, and Fourth World was a concept created during and after the Cold War, which ran from approximately 1945 to the 1990s.

  3. Collective name for most of the nations of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, many of which share a colonial past and are variously termed as developing, less developed, or least developed countries. They support 75 percent of the worlds population but consume only 20 percent of its resources, and are generally characterized by (1) slow pace of industrialization, (2) low to very low levels of per capita income that is insufficient to generate savings for economic growth, (3) low literacy levels but high rate of population growth, (4) poor health facilities and transport infrastructure, (5) dependence on agricultural and commodity exports as main foreign exchange earners. Coined in the 1950s by the French writer Alfred Sauvy (as le tiers monde), it was originally used in the Cold War era (1945-89) to distinguish non-aligned nations from the Western capitalist economies aligned with the US (the First World) and the Eastern communist economies aligned with the USSR (the Second World).

  4. The developing countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Synonyms of Third World

Laodicean, Anythingarian, Apathetic, Autarchic, Autarkic, Autonomous, Centrist, Even, Fence-sitter, Fifty-fifty, Free lance, Free spirit, Free trader, Free-spirited, Freethinker, Freewheeling, Half-and-half, Impartial, Independent, Indifferent, Individualist, Individualistic, Inner-directed, Isolationist, Latitudinarian, Liberal, Libertarian, Libertine, Midway, Moderate, Mugwump, Neuter, Neutral, Nonaligned, Noncommitted, Nonpartisan, Nothingarian, On the fence, Passive, Rugged individualist, Self-contained, Self-dependent, Self-determined, Self-directing, Self-governed, Self-governing, Self-reliant, Self-subsistent, Self-sufficient, Self-supporting, Sovereign, Third force, Third-force, Uncommitted, Uninvolved

How to use Third World in a sentence?

  1. The International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and World Trade Organization allow for certain benefits and contractual term provisions for countries that meet certain types of economic status classifications.
  2. A Third World country is an outdated and offensive term for a developing nation characterized by a population with low and middle incomes, and other socio-economic indicators.
  3. You may be able to get a better price on some products in a third world country but you must factor in the shipping.
  4. Levels of literacy have risen in the Third World.
  5. The average Americans understanding of what a third world country is actually like is admittedly poor and inaccurate, causing for some arrogance and illogical reasoning.
  6. I went to a third world country in order to help the people there with food and water and other things that were necessary for life.

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Third World,

Third World means,

  • Brian Barnier is the chief analyst at Value Bridge Advisors, co-founder and editor-in-chief of, and a visiting professor at Colin Powell School, City University, New York City.

    • Third world country is an obsolete and aggressive term for a developing country characterized by low and middle income populations and other socio-economic indicators.
    • The International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization allow for specific benefits and agreement arrangements for countries that meet certain types of economic status ratings.

  • The definition of Third World is: This refers to the poor and backward countries of South Africa, Asia and South America.

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Meanings of Third:
  1. Do it at number three.

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  1. Third century


Meanings of World:
  1. The earth with all its countries, peoples and natural resources.

  2. A region or group of countries.

  3. Human and social interaction.

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  1. He played his part in saving the world

  2. English speaking world

  3. The world was almost completely wiped out

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society, sphere, high society, earth, globe, planet