Third sector

Third sector,

Definition of Third sector:

  1. Voluntary or non-profit sector of an economy; described by Jim Joseph (President, Council On Foundations) as an intermediary space between business and government where private energy can be deployed for public good. Also called tertiary sector.

  2. The part of an economy or society comprising non-governmental and non-profit-making organizations or associations, including charities, voluntary and community groups, cooperatives, etc.

How to use Third sector in a sentence?

  1. Commissioners are responsible for reviewing the contracts, with representatives from the third sector.

Meaning of Third sector & Third sector Definition

Third Sector,

What is Third Sector?

  • Third Sector definition is: The part of the national economy that is not for profit, such as volunteer service, charity work, etc.

Literal Meanings of Third Sector


Meanings of Third:
  1. Do it at number three.

Sentences of Third
  1. Third century


Meanings of Sector:
  1. An area or part that is different from others.

  2. A circle or ellipse and a flat figure surrounded by two rays with an arc between them.

  3. A mathematical instrument with two weapons written on one end and a symbol of life, tangent, etc. Drawing a diagram.

Sentences of Sector
  1. Operations in the South North Sea sector

  2. For example, Figure 4a represents the 3 circles formed by the spheres and rectangles in Figure 3A.

Synonyms of Sector

part, side, quarter, district, zone, precinct, locality, borough, section, neighbourhood