Third-Party Payer

Third-Party Payer,

How To Define Third-Party Payer?

  • Third-Party Payer means, (1) An insurer or other health insurance plan sponsor who pays for the medical services provided to patients. (2) Insurance companies or organizations (third parties) other than patients (first) or healthcare providers (second) who pay for medical services.

Literal Meanings of Third-Party Payer


Meanings of Third:
  1. Do it at number three.

Sentences of Third
  1. Third century


Meanings of Party:
  1. Social gatherings for guests that usually include food, drink and entertainment.

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  1. Engagement ceremony

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Synonyms of Party

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Meanings of Payer:
  1. A person or organization that pays someone for work that is completed, property, or debt.

Sentences of Payer
  1. This sector is the largest contributor to corporate tax