Third Party Only

Third Party Only,

What Does Third Party Only Mean?

  1. Meaning of Third Party Only: The third party only covers the injuries of third parties involved in the accident or damage to your vehicle or property.

Literal Meanings of Third Party Only


Meanings of Third:
  1. Do it at number three.

Sentences of Third
  1. Third century


Meanings of Party:
  1. Meetings for guests usually include food, drink and entertainment.

  2. A formally formed political group that usually operates at the national level and participates in elections and seeks to form or participate in government.

  3. One or more people who are part of an agreement or dispute.

  4. Have fun at a party or other festive gathering, usually with drinks and music.

  5. Divided into different colored parts.

Sentences of Party
  1. Engagement ceremony

  2. Traditional Conservative Party

  3. Agreement between the two parties

Synonyms of Party

make merry, movement, political party, festivity, junta, bloc, affiliation, gathering, coalition, social function, social event, jamboree, have a party, have a wild time, rave it up, grouping, get-together, reunion, cabal, enjoy oneself, celebration


Meanings of Only:
  1. Nor does it exist, nor does it exist solely and exclusively.

  2. Not more than that.

  3. As a result of its negativity or misfortune.

  4. Only this type, single or solitary.

  5. Other than that, but for that.

Sentences of Only
  1. The number of tickets available is limited

  2. He entered the parking lot only to find that the road was blocked

  3. Only the medal we have won

Synonyms of Only

only just, one and only, lone, exclusive, only possible, no more than, solitary, at best, single, not more than, as little as, sole, just, one, unique, at most, individual