Things That Shake

Things That Shake

Can anyone make a list of things that shake? 3

I have a writer's block and I can't think of anything that works with passion!

The line says: My head is shaking, I'm trembling like ______________ and it's hard to think straight through all the pain.



A girl on a treadmill?


An alcoholic?



Moving objects

Words are as simple as leaves or jelly, but if you want to be unpredictable, you can scatter them like jelly on San Andreas Fault or the ground!

Or vibrating like a belly button belly button ornament? * s * I just found out, I'll let you remove the copyright!

1906 Earthquake in San Francisco

Things That Shake

Things That Shake

Shake like this ...

Just a fool ...


step back


Mother wash cycle

Love stick

Shaky thing

The chador and anything else would be a bit dramatic.

Shake like a leaf

Leaf :) or drunk, but I'm sure the leaf is more suitable hahaha :)


Rice on one of the tse n.

I don't think they do.

Things That Shake