Things That Come In Fours

Things That Come In Fours

Is something happening ۔

Looking for ideas for prom dresses, I asked about the things that come with all three. We have now added a fourth person to our group. Can anyone tell me what comes in four? Like hairdressing braid, but what else?

1. Four seasons.

2. Four directions.

3. Collection of cards.

4. Quadruple.

5. Fantastic four

6. The four basic functions of mathematics.

7. Elements (earth, air, water)

8. TMNT.

9. Team A.

10. Beatles.

11. Wheels.

12. Four calls.

13. Square

14. Men have four dogs.

15. Man has four teeth of wisdom.

16. Humans have four incisors.

17. Four physical states (solid, liquid, gas, plasma)

18. Final Four (Basketball)

19. Three shooters ... actually four

D. Artganan)

20. Four brothers (film)

21. Four Christmas (film)

22. Four eyes.

23. Four Freedoms (FDR Sch)

24. Four quadriceps muscles

Edit *** Oh, and I'm the fourth person to answer ***

Things that fall into four.

Things That Come In Fours