What is thermology? 3

I heard the Iron Maiden (Five Magic) song for the first time and wondered what it was ... the song was like that (at least the part that mentioned the terms).

... Let me be your ward

Of the five mantras

Give me alchemy

Give me magic

Give me magic



Magic please

Overcoming everything ...

The part of theory that deals with the application of heat.

Five Magics is a mega song of peace in Peace. It's really bad, and it's based on Lyndon Hardy's book, Master of the Five Magics. In this book, magic is listed as thaumaturgy, alchemy, magic, sorcery, sorcery, but this song replaces magic and thermotherapy with electricity and thermology.

Thermology is going to study heat, so I think it's like a ball or a magician.

Check out the source on Wikipedia for an in-depth analysis of other spells.



What happens is I find the meaning because I am listening to the song you are referring to. But this is not an Iron Maiden song. This is the work of Megalist. Five mantras

I thought it was a science about thermal energy healing! Dave Mustaine is crazy, so maybe that meant nuclear art / acting! That's all I could find with my partner.

, Mega comes five magic! Leave me alone.

ologie = the science you read.

Thermal = ???

Terms = study ???

And there is peace in everything.