Definition of Theory:

  1. Assumptions or systems of ideas that aim to explain something are basically based on general principles, regardless of what is being explained.

  2. An accepted set of assumptions, sentences, or facts that seeks to provide a respectable or rational explanation of the cause-and-effect relationship between a group of observed phenomena. The root of the word (Greek Thorós, from the audience) emphasizes the fact that all ideas are mental patterns of perceived reality.

Synonyms of Theory

General belief, Impression, Speculation, There, Body of theory, Melodics, Supposition, Intellectual object, Presupposition, Climate of opinion, Common belief, Fancy, Estimation, Assumption, Music theory, Eye, Community sentiment, Conception, Harmony, Guess, Reaction, Basis, Yonder, Feeling, Mystique, Popular belief, Sentiment, Surmise, Point of view, Judgment, Proposition, Sight, Notion, Musicology, Guesswork, Premise, Public belief, Speculation, Tentative explanation, Imago, Way of thinking, Conjecture, Memory-trace, Thesis, Explanation, Ethos, Apprehension, Conceit, Musicality, Grounds, Thought, Observation, Mental image, Musicography, Harmonics, Supposition, Premise, Suspicion, Understanding, Postulate, Perception, Thither, Estimate, Representation, Position, Opinion, Perhaps, Mind, Hunch, Hunch, Music, Personal judgment, Hypothesis, Thitherward, Hypothesis, Unified theory, Idea, Base, Consideration, Theoretical structure, Thinking, Stance, Feeling, Image, Lights, Presumption, Guess, Attitude, Public opinion, Postulation, Presumption, Yon, Posture, Consensus gentium, Conclusion, Supposal, Recept, Prevailing belief, Mental impression, Surmise, Conjecture, Suspicion, Reflection, Presentiment, View, Suppose, Rhythmics, Notion, Concept, Assumption

How to use Theory in a sentence?

  1. One theory about the recent decline in stock prices is that steel prices will fall sharply in the coming months. However, if you ask me, this is probably due to a general decline in consumer expectations. .
  2. Darwin's theory of evolution
  3. There is Schrجرdinger's quantum theory that shows how things can work differently when we observe them and when they do not.
  4. I have heard the idea that beauty marks on your skin are actually marks of your past life, each time representing the parts of your body where you were injured, sick or killed in a previous life.

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