Theory Y

Theory Y,

How To Define Theory Y?

  • Meaning of Theory Y: Developed by Douglas McGregor. Contrary to Theory X, the way to guide people in the workplace is based on the idea that most workers love their job, are motivated and want responsibility, and the role of managers is to give employees their full potential. To help achieve Responsibilities, including decision making, etc.

Literal Meanings of Theory Y


Meanings of Theory:
  1. A system of options or ideas, especially those based on general principles, with the aim of explaining something, regardless of how it is explained.

Sentences of Theory
  1. Darwin's theory of evolution

Synonyms of Theory

postulation, suspicion, supposition, proposition, guess, assumption, feeling, speculation, premise, notion, hypothesis, hunch, conjecture, presupposition, thesis, postulate, presumption, surmise


Meanings of Y:
  1. Years)

  2. The twenty-fifth letter of the alphabet

  3. Like capital Y.

  4. And enter.

  5. YMCA, YWCA, YMHA or YWHA locations.

  6. The chemical element yttrium.

Sentences of Y
  1. Created by two of today's most resourceful and resourceful people, the alphabet from A to Y bonus letter Z! This is pure fun from A to Z.