Theory Of Probability

Theory Of Probability,

Theory Of Probability means,

  1. Meaning of Theory Of Probability: Probability theory (also called probability theory or probability theory) is a statistical method used to predict the probability of future outcomes. Insurers use this method as a basis for formulating policies or setting premium rates.

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Meanings of Theory:
  1. A system of options or ideas, especially those based on general principles, with the aim of explaining something, regardless of how it is explained.

Sentences of Theory
  1. Darwin's theory of evolution

Synonyms of Theory

guess, assumption, suspicion, postulation, supposition, presumption, thesis, postulate, hypothesis, notion, speculation, surmise, conjecture, hunch, presupposition, feeling, premise, proposition


Meanings of Of:
  1. It shows the relationship between the part and the whole.

  2. Indicates the relationship between scale or size and value.

  3. Refers to the relationship between two organizations, usually the organization of the association.

  4. It shows the relationship between the address and the reference point.

  5. It represents the relationship between a general type or type and something special belonging to that category.

  6. After a noun that comes from or is related to a verb.

  7. The title of the sentence is a predictive adjective.

  8. Identify the component or substance that makes the difference.

  9. Express the hour for the next hour.

Sentences of Of
  1. 5% increase

  2. North of Chicago

  3. Nice to meet you

  4. This will be the quarter in New York

Synonyms of Of

by, from, caused by, of, done by, made by, in, carried out by


Meanings of Probability:
  1. As far as possible, it is possible that something will or will happen.

Sentences of Probability
  1. Rain increases your chances of getting catechins

Synonyms of Probability

chances, possibility, expectation, prospect, likelihood, odds, likeliness, chance