Theoretical Value (Of A Right)

Theoretical Value (Of A Right),

What is Theoretical Value (Of A Right)?

  • Theoretical value (rights) is the value of subscription rights. During the period in which a new offer is announced up to three days before the expiry of the rights (called the period of total rights), the value of the rights is fixed and easily calculated. can go. In order to calculate the value of rights during the rights period, investors need to be informed about the cost of the subscription for the purchase and the number of rights required. From this information, the correct value can be calculated using the following formula

    • The value of a right can be calculated based on the total right period.
    • Investors with the right to purchase are informed of the price at which they can buy the shares, usually at a price lower than the current price.
    • The same investor knows how many rights are needed to buy shares.
    • Theoretical value can be calculated from this information.

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