The Wiser Part Poem Meaning

The Wiser Part Poem Meaning

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I don't care about hibernation.

From the king of Persia, rich, great:

I do not envy the king's throne

I don't even want my precious gold.

But dear! May the crown of roses be mine

Freshness breathes my forehead.

The one who flows is Amir Param mine.

To refresh and smell my snowflakes.

Today I ran to get my wine.

As if tomorrow will not shine.

But why come tomorrow?

I will hurry to drink my wine and ...

And when all our days are bright.

There is no time to turn off your light.

Let's seduce the passionate Urs.

With a warm cut and a friendly smile

And serve each new glass of wine.

Bacchus امیر The richest drop of asylum.

Because it can come with angry eyebrows.

He can come if we want him there.

And salute the swords

And unfortunately we stopped drinking!

The simple things of life, flowers and wine were more important to him than power and wealth.

As you get older, it's important to have fun where you can because it's left behind.

He likes to enjoy his life without wanting to be a rich king and enjoys the little things of life like the fragrance of flowers in his head.

"Birth" is such a beautiful and organized poem that I don't like to separate it. One thing to note: he was very young when he wrote it (still in Oxford, IIrc) and so this poem by Jared Manley Pickens weighs in both content and form (especially the first two lines - difficult). Sounds like, I walk / cry Wonder "Anyone can just write a document using these lines and especially their debt on Pkins" and "Wrack of Germany" and "The WindverÃ" Why? Anst? Switch? & C).

I think it would be really painful to try to put this poem on a particular page of the Bible and even fit (mostly?) In the book of Genesis. There is also the stupid contradiction that "I am in this poem" is whether other powerful human beings can do that. (Lifting) the sea with the weight of the earth and (making) the glove albatross / clearing the ashes of the sea "or a weak and helpless creature that can only see and scream (everything in Part II) or the dust and Both meat.

The Wiser Part Poem Meaning